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Miles More professional HGV drivers club has been set up for the first time to put the members in control rather than the advertisers of jobs and services. The founders have nearly a century of company history in the transport and logistics sectors owning and operating trucks and professional drivers in many different sectors of the market both in the Uk and all over Europe.

Professional HGV drivers spend a disproportionate time away from home in their trucks and on nights out. It was clear that no other opportunities existed which pulled together all the benefits that miles more has to offer via a specially developed smart phone application.

For the first time drivers are put at the heart of the club with relevant offers and discounts on all the goods and services they need and use in their daily routine as transport professionals. They can access job opportunities but be in control of which potential employers see their personal information or simply keep pace with the latest wage rates and benefits for their area and professional licence type.

It was also important to give quick access all on one site to everything our members need from a members forum with access to industry experts or the latest transport topics, news or weather. No more surfing several sites, its now in one place on a mobile app with a quick login……..its that simple at last.

Our Mission

Make a challenging and difficult job a little bit easier.

For the benefit of our members

Miles More gives members the ability to rate and report offers, job advertisers and content which is either not relevant or not appropriate. They can suggest and influence new offers and features and guide the future development of the club.

Free to use sites bombard subscribers with irrelevant content and adverts and do you really know who is having access to your personal information? Our membership fee is there to put the members in control and not the advertisers. We aim to provide members the opportunity to repay that membership fee back many times over in services and offer benefits. Our members are in control of who and when their personalised information is released.

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