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Miles More Offers and Services

Thank you for enquiring about being a member of Miles More. Set up specifically for HGV drivers by industry professionals, members benefit from a wide range of offers and services direct to their smartphone, tablet or PC. Whether you are out on the road keeping the wheels of industry turning or at home with the family, membership benefits are only a click away.

Some sites are free and they earn their money from the advertisers. As a result, the advertisers influence the content of the site and how your information is utilised. At Miles More we believe in putting the members (not the advertisers),in control of the content and workings of the club. We therefore charge a small membership fee of £1.99 per month.Your £1.99 per month membership fee gives you full access to the HGV drivers club. Membership can be cancelled at any time by e-mailing

We offer Miles More benefits to our members including:-

*Keep up to date with jobs and payrates in your area just for information even if you are not looking right now.

*Access to professional and legal advice to assist you in your day to day job.

*Industry Knowledge Portal giving a helping hand with everything from the nearest overnight stop to where to find a cup of coffee or sandwich

*Member forum to share views, get advice on issues or just catch up with driving colleagues

*News and the latest industry hot topics

We offer a 30-day free trial – then a small membership fee of £1.99 per month.Membership can be cancelled at any time by e-mailing

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